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-waiting for sherlock
-waiting for orange is the new black
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-twenty one pilots October 4th

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-you me at six November 1st

-the 1975 November 7th

-capital cities November 8th

-new politics November 14th

-bad suns November 14th

-william beckett November 14th in chicago

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some people call me kalyn but you can call me tonight

queen of the world

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After about five weeks of not receiving payment, and lots of emails and phone call reminders to my client, I finally received the following text message:

"Sorry, I was in prison for beating up a bloke. Will pay you tomorrow lol."


this website annoys me on a very deep level but where else will I get my attention

Just bc school started doesnt mean ill stop bein a hoe


who wants to talk about young joe trohman because

» 2005 - Patrick Stump appreciation - 2/?

Please Call Gabe Saporta

I was in colorado when we had to pick up our parking stickers so I had my mom pick mine up and she fucking lost it so it looks like im gonna be that kid getting dropped off at school by mommy or riding the bus because I don’t have money for a new one


*walks up to newborn baby* haha fuckin virgin

I’m really close to 3k damn


my favorite part of any trip to mcdonalds is the sudden and unavoidable flashbacks to the time when I got stuck in the slide for 5.5 hours and the staff had to slide down mcnuggets so I could keep up my energy while they cut the slide in half with a hacksaw.  half-slide is still there, haunting me and the other kids who sudden fall through a hole halfway through their journey down


@people with the twenty one pilots rainbow hat icons: LET’S BE A GANG. BUT A NONVIOLENT GANG

a slightly violent gang


i love this show to death